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1. General 

The Organic Runway (hereafter referred to as "OR") environmental directory provides listings of environmental products and/or services belonging to businesses, non-profits or individuals (hereafter referred to as the "Customer"). OR is located at  

2. Agreement

The OR directory is a service provided to the Customer which is ruled by the terms and conditions of this agreement.  

3. Submission and acceptance principles for listings and advertisements.

OR only includes products and companies of Customers which promote, sell, display or rent products and/or services with environment friendly standards. Any submitted website at OR is subject to inspection for functionality, design, speed of operation and appropriateness prior to being accepted for listing or advertising. OR reserves the sole right to determine whether or not a Customer's website complies with this standard. OR reserves all rights to determine whether or not to include any Customer's website or websites. It also reserves the right to remove any website at any moment without notice in case the Customer's activities, services or products would not comply anymore with the standard. OR reserves also the right to change at any moment and without notice its standard and to remove or add any website. In case a website is being removed, OR will notify the Customer with the reason(s) for removing the website from the directory.

Websites which in any case will not be included in the directory are adult sites containing obviously sexual image galleries, sex stories, sex toys, containing links to other adult sites, sites containing sex-oriented advertisements, selling or advertising sex oriented medicines, sites containing libel, child pornography, materials violating the copyright, sites containing the propaganda of violence, hatred or fraud, sites containing pirate software or links to other sites that contain it, sites selling or advertising weapons, drugs and other illegal products, sites containing any gambling online games as well as advertisements of gambling houses, sites mostly consisting of affiliate links, sites created only for displaying Adsense advertisements and other similar advertisements, sites with poor design and with a lot of advertisements and sites are personal and have no value for others. The need to register or to provide an email address to get access to the Customer's website may also influence inclusion in the directory.

OR also reserves the right to determine in which main or sub-category a website will be displayed, and may change the content of that directory page at any time or move the website to another category or subcategory, and change the descriptive text or title without notice. OR reserves also the right to choose the positioning of the links and their description on any page and these can be changed without notice and for any reason as is deemed appropriate by OR.

4. Payment of the application fee (only for paid listings)

The relevant fee will be due for each website submitted by the Customer through Silver, Gold and Platinum Listings.  

5. Other terms

a) This agreement supersedes any previous agreement, either oral or written, between the parties with respect to listings and submissions of websites at OR.

b) OR reserves the right to use Customer's information for internal marketing purposes including advertisement offers.

c) Visitor numbers may go up or down, OR does not give any guarantee of the amount of visitor numbers at OR or the amount of visitors that will visit any Customer's website resulting from a visit to OR. Unique visitor numbers stated on any page at OR are truthful at the moment of publishing them and to the knowledge of OR. Visitor numbers can never be a reason for refunding of any application fee.

d) OR directory is provided without any warranty of any kind that the directory will be functioning 100% without any interruptions or without any error. Neither OR or any person working with or for OR shall be liable under any circumstance for losses of any kind to a Customer due to the use of the directory, including sales, customers, profits, goodwill, data and any other kind of damage even if due to the removal of a website from the directory.

e) You agree to indemnify and hold OR harmless for any damages or costs incurred resulting from your violation of any law, regardless of their nature.

f) Any legal action that may arise from the use of the services of and publications by OR will be handled entirely and solely by the appropriate courts of New York,




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